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Stuffed squid with shrimp  碳烤鱿鱼塞虾仁  45/3pc

Squid stuffed shrimp and sundry tomato, onthe grilled with Chimichurri sauce

Meatballs with cranberry sauce 慢煮手打肉丸  35/4pc

Deep fried Cheese Sticks 炸芝士条  35/6pc 

 Cheese toast  芝士吐司  30

Crispy Cheese toast with Mozzarella,Cheddar, Gruyere

鸡肉海苔手卷 chicken Seaweed wrap 38

Grilled chicken, pesto sauce with avocado,sundry tomato, arugula and mango salsa

Piquillo pepper stuffed sardine rillettes烤西班牙甜椒塞沙丁鱼沙沙   35/3pc

BBQ Chicken wings烧烤酱炸鸡翅  32/4pc     


Wait, you think its over? Heres a snack set for you!

小食套餐   非常3+1   Special offer 3+1


RMB 98, Any 3 kinds of snack +1 draftedbeer on the tap 330ml


Bistro Burger

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Opposite To NO.704 ChangLe Lu


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